Victoria Wang

Product Design Portfolio

Hi! I'm a UI/UX designer and front-end developer based in Portland, OR. I've spent over 12 years creating delightful interfaces and elegant visuals for the web, desktop, and mobile.

I'm seeking a full-time product design position at a tech company that works remotely or has an office in Portland. My ideal work would come with a wide range of challenges and would draw on my computer science background and artistic abilities.

Outside of design, my interests include painting, philosophical discussions, playing the viola, video games, karaoke, and traveling to new places.

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Web Application

Role: UX and visual designer, front-end developer

CoMakery is a web service and startup that facilitates revenue sharing in collaborative projects. As the main designer and one of the developers on this project, I:

  • Worked closely with the project manager in a fast-paced, iterative process, starting with meetings in which we identified the primary goals, long-term vision, and initial priorities for the project. The rapidly evolving nature of the project required regular communication on ever-changing priorities.
  • Created wireframes and mockups for several novel features, such as assignment of cryptocurrency-based awards and a dialogue-based user interface run on Slack. Presented designs in Invision and discussed each design with the PM and developers. Incorporated their feedback in several iterations.
  • Studied competitors and used information from user interviews to simplify and clarify the product. In focusing on user stories I came up with intuitive design solutions for difficult cryptocurrency concepts, hiding some technicalities and rephrasing others.
  • Designed high-fidelity mockups with a simple, modern business theme and energetic brand colors.
  • Wrote beautifully nested CSS in Sass/Foundation and incorporated semantic HTML into Ruby on Rails views.
  • Helped launch a minimum viable product within two months.


Web Application

Role: UX and visual designer, front-end developer

GYST is a web service that provides easy-to-use checklists and guides for setting up a will, life insurance, and emergency planning. As the main designer and one of the developers on this project, I:

  • Worked with client and project manager to create a feature list and initial user flow map.
  • Collaborated closely with project manager on initial wireframes in JustinMind, focusing on presenting content in an elegant and easy-to-use way.
  • Created a hi-fidelity design based on existing branding, adopting and building on design patterns.
  • Built mobile-first web pages using HTML, Sass, and the Foundation framework in Ruby on Rails.
  • Helped launch a minimum testable product within three weeks.


Web Application

Role: Cofounder, lead UX and visual designer, front-end developer

Neocities is a free, ad-free, open source web hosting service with easy-to-use web building tools, social features, and an interactive tutorial. I cofounded the project with Kyle Drake and worked on the following:

  • Designed the branding and interfaces for web hosting and social networking features.
  • Created a friendly and simple user experience to make web hosting approachable for a non-technical audience.
  • Designed vector logo and several related illustrations that emphasize the lighthearted mood of the site.
  • Kept track of business and user needs and managed project priorities in GitHub issues.
  • Created responsive web pages to work with a variety of mobile screen sizes.
  • Built pages using HTML and Sass in a Ruby on Rails environment with Bootstrap.
  • Helped launch a product which now hosts over 110,000 web sites.
  • Created concepts, designs, and prototypes for an interactive HTML/CSS curriculum designed to promote tech literacy.
  • Managed a successful Kickstarter project to fund curriculum, interacted with backers to continually improve product, and produced t-shirt and sticker rewards.
  • Gave a presentation on Neocities with cofounder at Open Source Bridge 2015.


Mobile App for iPad

Role: UI Designer

iCardSort is an iPad app that helps users visually organize ideas and thoughts at work, school, or home. As UI designer, I:

  • Worked with client to transform the app by replacing a dark, cluttered-looking design with a clean, Apple-inspired design.
  • Focused on readability and a minimalist aesthetic in designing the cards to be much larger with softened colors and simplified textures.
  • Designed a minimalist icon to fit in with iOS 7+ and prepared explanatory screenshots for the App Store.


Desktop App for Mac OS X

Role: Lead UX and visual designer, Obj-C developer

Hibari is a Mac Twitter client that I created and maintained from 2010-2013. I sought to build an elegant client that had a clean, native-looking UI and features that gave the user control over their timeline.

  • Came up with concepts, UX, and visual designs for a Twitter client with many novel features, such as muting, keyword muting, and integrated saved search results.
  • Wrote much of the backend Objective-C code as well as the HTML/CSS that powers the views.
  • Rapidly iterated on design in beta testing period and during launch.
  • Designed app icon and marketing website.
  • Regularly interacted with customers and integrated their feedback in new versions of the app.

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Rands in Repose Shirt

T-Shirt Design

Role: Graphic designer

As the designer of one of the Rands in Repose benefit t-shirts, I:

  • Created concept sketches based on initial conversations about themes relating to the audience.
  • Worked closely with client on 20+ design iterations, building from rough drawings to detailed mockups.
  • Created final vector version in Adobe Illustrator. Design went through three print runs.

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