January 2, 2018

Violasong 6.0

No graphics editors were awoken over the holidays in the making of this little blog layout. I designed it primarily in the Firefox Inspector, overriding the styles of the Minimal theme in jekyll-now. The headers use a photo of an acrylic painting I made in 2015. I had some good fun with CSS blend modes and background-clip.

This site is definitely a work in progress, especially the art page, but I wanted to get the first version out the door this week. (Thanks to my colleague Jen Simmons for the motivational push to reboot personal websites for the new year!)

I’m now using my domain name, violasong.com, with my GitHub pages site. The term “violasong” (which creepily autocorrects to “violating” and confuses people by sounding like a Asian American woman’s name (“Viola Song”) so some people think it’s my actual name) came about in 2004 when I first registered a domain name for my website. It refers to the viola, an instrument I (rustily) play. There are very few songs written for the viola. It’s an odd phrase but it fits.